Friday, June 1, 2018

Black Women Playwrights @ 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival

NARCOLEPSY, INC by Sikivu Hutchinson is debuting at the Hollywood Fringe Festival as one of the few Fringe plays written, produced, and directed by an African American woman. The piece is a speculative fiction, sci fi play set in a corporate theocracy where sleep and dreams are policed and manufactured by the multinational, NARCOLEPSY, INC. The company’s chief scientist and engineer, a queer Black woman (Kimberly Bailey), is under “house arrest” in an outpost “motel” -- managed by Garcon, a working class Black woman and longtime employee (Cydney W. Davis) -- for selling company secrets to rival Trust Corp. Narcolepsy, Inc. has established a racialized caste system of sleepers (people of color teeth grinders and white insomniacs) in which the dreams of lower caste members are commodified and all sleep is induced.  NARCOLEPSY, INC. takes place in a parallel universe in which a nuclear disaster (dubbed the “wipeout”) has destroyed the human nervous system’s capacity to regulate sleep. The newly minted CEO of The Company (Scott St Patrick) is a Black religious demagogue who has taken over The Company’s dream archives and needs Yuri to provide the scientific and technological expertise to develop new “sleep experiences” for white insomniac consumers. At the heart of the story is a struggle for female power and control in a corporate regime that hums on the manufacture of racial voyeurs. Starring Kimberly Bailey, JC Cadena, Cydney W. Davis and Scott St Patrick.

Shows at the Actors Company, 916 N. Formosa Ave., L.A.
June 16th @ 8:30 and June 24th @ 6:00 p.m. Info:

SHATTERED GLASS  written, produced and performed by Shaunelle Curry, Kelley Nicole and Dollie Roberts, is a multi-media stage play chronicling the story of a woman named Shairi who disentangles herself from a toxic relationship in order to rediscover, in her words, “the smile of that girl in those pictures they say is me.” Shairi embodies the messages of our time #timesup, #metoo, #timeisnow, #nomore. Demonstrating the healing power of the arts through spoken word, dramatization, live music, and visual art, SHATTERED GLASS takes its participants on a journey of transcendence, capturing the resilience of the human spirit. With an MC that connects the stage performance with audience participation at key points, you will also begin the process of discovering the power of your voice. For more information about this play, visit

The show will take place on the following dates and times — Sun., 6/3 @ 3pm, Sat., 6/9 @ 4:30pm, Fri., 6/15 @ 6pm, Thurs., 6/21 @ 6pm, and Sat., 6/23 @ 1:30pm. Info:
Dorie Theater at the Complex Hollywood, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038

Check Out the Shattered Glass Video Trailer 

Room No. 9 at the Chrysalis Inn, by K Butterfly Smith  is an animated story of a woman’s healing journey in a hotel room. Alice, the main character, has checked into the Chrysalis Inn to cocoon herself from her toxic life of domestic abuse and a past childhood trauma. An unexpected roster of guests appears and steers Alice along her journey as they help her to unpack her bag. Room No. 9 at the Chrysalis Inn is a gateway between all three worlds – physical, mental and spiritual. When these worlds collide, the Great Mother, Yemaya, appears and shares her message with Alice of courage and enlightenment. “You must go into the darkness within your self to find the light. That is the only way to salvation. You are the key. You. Little ole’ you.” Will Alice be able to find the strength within herself to deal with her past and live in her present?
Shows at The Complex Hollywood, 6478 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood
June 2 & 7 @ 7:30pm, June 9, 16 & 23 @6pm
Info and tickets at

The Maya in Me, by Tameka Bob is a one-woman theatrical production, accentuated by live music and dance, written and performed by Tameka Bob. Tameka tells the transparent and timely personal story of love, laughter, hardship, and resilience. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, the story begins with an all too familiar scenario during childhood, and walks the audience through her young adult life as 1/2 of a dysfunctional relationship, and progresses to an escape marriage, all while working toward a Doctorate degree. There are many twists and turns during this ride of love and life. How does she maneuver it all? She hears the wise words of Dr. Maya Angelou, who offers similar experiences and advice during her journey.
The Maya in Me seeks to educate and inspire audiences by telling a story of transparency, faith, and resilience, through artistic expression and the wisdom of Dr. Maya Angelou. The Maya in Me is unique and caters to an audience who can benefit from modern day material, as well as the wisdom and experiences of Dr. Angelou: young adult females, college students, and those who have been directly or indirectly affected by substance abuse. Yet, all will find a subject matter or feeling they can relate to.

Shows at The Broadwater, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd., L.A.
June 3 @ 4:30pm, June 9 @ 8:00pm and June 16 @ 5:30pm
Info and tickets at
Learn More at

Fort Huachuca by Ailema Sousa is set during World War II in Arizona. African American nurses arrive on an army base camp. Join Mayvee, Marjorie, Georgia, Elinor, and Thelma on their journey as they face the biggest challenge of their lives. Inequality, growing racial tension and a society that does not acknowledge their efforts, when all they want is to fight for their country.

Shows @ The Complex, 6468 Santa Monica Blvd., L.A

June 9 @ 9pm, June 15 @ 9pm and More
Tickets and info