Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"No Rights Which a White Man Was Bound to Respect" -- Slavocracy 2014

In 1857 Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney uttered these defining words in the Dred Scott decision which further embedded black dehumanization and non-citizenship into U.S. slavocracy.  In 2014 killer cop Darren Wilson walks free after being cleared of the lynching of unarmed teen Mike Brown by a white supremacist grand jury which endorsed Wilson's characterization of Brown as a subhuman "demon".  One hundred and fifty eight years later Blacks are not citizens, not human, not "legible" within the regime of white innocence.

Fill the streets. Teach-in, talk to every child about the importance of this criminal obscenity against human rights and Black humanity.  Join people of conscience around the world in mobilizing against state violence and law enforcement impunity in mass resistance to apartheid Amerikkkan style: